Behind The Tracks: Bleed Someone Dry - Unorthodox (Single) (2018)

Unorthodox is the first single we decided to release and it is also the name of the new album, so it expresses the idea of the whole project.

We tried to express our vision of all the phenomenons that are happenings around us. Of course it is not an obvious and rational perspective, but a very distorted and pessimistic one, maybe for its own sake, but we really try to analyse our lives under a different light, detached and cold. Society, love, religion, everything we live in, and we constantly feel persecuted, judged and misunderstood by are the things we try to look from a different point of view. Our voice is there to express how we feel when the rest of the world doesn’t seem to accept us, for our choices, and thoughts so different from common sense. We feel suffocated by this oppression while exiled from the rest of the world. An eternal miscommunication between us and everything else outside.

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