Track By Track & Behind The Artwork: Onydia - Reflections (2018)

From the name, “reflections” you can see the complexity and the duality of the album’s concept, we think about it as a physical reflection of an image on a reflecting surface but we can also think about it as a reflection of you and your story, this is why we chose for the artwork to realize a tree, a wisdom symbol, mature and spiritual, surrounded by nothing and everything, its soul, its mind, its reflections, past-present-future; The image is divided by the horizon, faded with soft colours which represent the hope we have to our future and our awareness as a inner grow, the tree represents our person and mind which reflects itself on a limpid water that lets us expose ourselves and get naked that lets us grow serenely in our mistakes; the colours we chose are those ones that represent more our project, what we see when we compose and listen to our songs. 

I decided to start from the description of the cover because the songs inside of this album talk about this and the figure of the “tree” and the play of colours Through the words was really important is the metaphoric drawing up of the lyrics.

Every song is the result of the reflection of the last 2 years, in which we lived particular experiences we faced up together;

There isn’t no need to be specific because everyone can feel experiences in every of our songs, with your interpretation.

The album starts with “the Unknown” that talks about the incapacity to comunicate with who loves you until you arrive at a closure against the external world that can change what you really are, a lot of times it’s because the other person is too busy to think about himself/herself instead of condivision.

The second track is “Breath”, waiting for a changing something moves inside of you, something that wants to fight to not make you fall in an abyss you can’t come back from, we start talking about hope and will to fight.

The third song “silence” is the sweet love declaration to the purity of art, personificate in the one you love and esteem and that you can only look because it could be ruined. “Memory of my time” heats this album’s notes with autumnal tones to reflect about our own past throught a mystic vision with an epic poetry mark.

“My paradise” is the ballad of the album and it talks about a poignant and visceral love, a pure and true love that mines in your soul til it reaches your paradise, a love that reality can divide but not the true memory.

The album ends with “the colour of nothingness” that talks about what the cover means, the abstract description of what happens inside of everyone of us in the changing moment through the colours, of reflection and rebirth, like two lovers that get naked we get naked with ourselves.

The bonus tracks, “a new safe path” and “dyaphany” which close physically the album are the singles that anticipated the concepts I talked about until now, two songs that talk about the aim to give hope and that covertly thank the force of will that we all have inside, they thank those figures that helped us to get up, they thank the art that is always with us and we are always with it and we are always its.

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