Track By Tracks: Helevorn - Aamamata (2018)

1. A Sail To Sanity:

We chose this song to start the album because is a very direct song and also fits perfectly in our style, unlike the songs that we used to start in our previous albums. It’s about the ‘trip’ to get to the rich Mediterranean coast by our southern neighbors and our lack of empathy.

2. Goodbye, Hope:

This is the kind of progression that we love to do in a song. It starts with a very calm music and voice and suddenly death arrives. It’s something about humanity, brotherhood and despair. We changed the rhythm of the chorus during the recording sessions because we found a way to make it more epic. When I was recording the vocals, wow, I started crying in the growling part and the effect is so dramatic. One of the best songs of the album.

3. Blackened Waves:

The song we chose as the first single of the album. Is a very melodic song, 95% clean vocals until the end, where everything changes. It’s also about the tragedy of the refugees, about how our Sea turned into a great cemetery and how a regular person try to cross it and dies killed by the arms of its dead relatives, creating some kind of black waves. Is the core of the album.

4. Aurora:

Song dedicated to Aurora Picornell, a Mallorcan woman who was murdered by the fascists during the Spanish Civil War, and eighty one years after that, her body has not yet been found. She was a seamstress and was an amazing fighter for the civil rights. We talk about the experience that she had during her last hours of life.

This is the most epic song we have ever composed, Julia Colom sings when Jaume Compte, one of the best guitarist of our islands, finishes playing the baglama and the bouzuki, a typical Turkish and Greek guitars.

5. Forgotten Fields:

It’s about the same topic as previous song "Aurora" but in general terms: mass graves, executions and forgotten people that still remaining under ground. We are the second country in the world, after Cambodia, with the largest number of disappeared people after a war that still remain buried. Direct song, some arrangements during the recording sessions and nice song.

6. Nostrum Mare (Et deixo un pont de mar blava):

This is a song about how was our Mediterranean Sea and what is nowadays… I mean, during the past times it was a sea to share, to grow, of course there was a lot of wars, but it was our true nation, of all of us, so in this song appears eight different languages of our big cultural area (Greek, Maltese, Spanish, Arabic, Catalan, Italian, French and Hebraic), and we wanted our friends and fans of the band to do it.

It’s a poem of a Catalan writer, Miquel Martí I Pol, translated into these eight languages and sung in Catalan as well. The female vocals of Julia Colom are really awesome, we had goose bumps on the skin when she was recording her vocal parts. Very epic, gothic and very deep.

7. Once Upon a War:

The most Stoner song we have ever composed. You can find some interesting disharmonies in the guitars and the chorus is brilliant. It’s about the time where the human being had peace, so never.

8. The Path to Puya:

I decided to write something about the Toraja people when I visited Sulawesi in 2017. Their culture about life and death is amazing. The lyrics are a brief resume of their beliefs, in a very risk because of the rising of Christianity in their land.

Heike Langhans of Draconian sings in this song, making the song very surrounding and tribal.

9. La Sibil·la:

This song is dated from the X Century. Is a typical song that is sung during the night of December 24 th in some churches around Mallorca. The Sybil is a pagan prophet that sings the end of the world, and we relate it with the rest of the concepts you can find on the album. We though to record it as a bonus track, but we finally decided to include it as the last song of the album.

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