Track By Tracks: Necroart - Caino (2018)

1. March of the Ghouls:

this is an intro created by Riccardo Rossi who Played synth with us since a couple of months ago and left us due to personal problems. You can hear Tibetan Monchs singing a prayer but it seems to me like Ghouls walking in a cold night in search of souls to rape.

2. An Invocation for the Horned:

I think that no other songs could open this album but this, a weapon in front of Christianity!

3. Caino: 

The title track is about Cain, the first biblical killer who assassinate his brother for envy or spiritual independence.

4. Wounds on angels wings:

This one is not a classical Necroart song, sometimes I Hear some Katatonia riffing in the end…I personally love the refrain…it seems to me very catchy.

5. Bringer of Light: 

It represents the new era of the band as its best, the lyrics are based on Lucifer’s appearance and the condition of knowledge He could bring.

6. Mastodon rising: 

The second single is one of the best song we’ve never ever wrote…is complete and avant-garde…for me it’s a masterpiece.

7. Flames: 

I think this is the most classic Necroart song with aggressive riffs and dark melodies.

8. One is all all is one: 

This is one of mu favourite songs in this album…vocals are intense and the music follow new era.

9. Into the Maelstron: 

Close this new album as the intro a track played just by synth and noises who could carry the listener into a cold void.

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