Behind The Artworks: DEATH TRIBE - Beyond Pain And Pleasure: A Desert Experiment (2019)

Music has always been my favorite language. It expresses the feeling of the artist and channels that energy to the listener to alter his state too.

This is what I wanted when I created the concept behind this artwork as well before the talented digital artist Charles Assaf took charge of developing the idea to what it is today. The album tracks as the artwork show that the world has an identity complex, several personalities fighting to come out and express themselves while the social acceptance syndrome is taming them down. There is a volcano of emotions erupted into one's body and the life we chose to lead but many people are imprisoned in their own bodies. 

We are all defined by a certain social form, our age, our achievements, our social status, our financial status, our nationality, our skin color... Even more, each person is exercising this segmentation to his own self while parts of us remain young forever but we silence them, and parts of us remain undiscovered. 

Death Tribe is welcoming the whole world to be whoever they want to me, there is no need to have one sound, there is no need to belong, no race, no trace. Every single person has a special fingerprint and it should be appreciated and allowed to find its voice and be the best version of who it can be without limitations. 

We are born into a society that tames the wolf inside us and shape us into just another character that blends in, does its duties, conforms to social norms and then sleeps forever in the ground unnoticed. 

Those who join the DEATH TRIBE will be remembered in Death as in Life for they will stand out and make their mark forever.

Link to the artist of the artwork:

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