Track By Tracks: ALTHEA + The Art Of Trees (2019)

1. For Now:

This song is at the beginning of the album but at the end of the story of a human being. It describes the five stages of grief when everything is over and lost. Music and lyrics guide the listener between the deep and intimate feelings that a person feels living this moment    

2. Deformed To Frame:

The song is about the last moments of life of an old man, when he realizes that his life is about to end and he'll soon become a frame in the memory of his dearest one or a picture on the wall. Under the influence of painkillers and drugs, he reflects about the fragility of life and relationships: will the people he loved let him fade or will he sleep in the undertow of their memories?   

3. One More time:   

Idea behind this song is pretty simple, an astonished person is called back to live life again ... the curtains were fallen but now the stage is open and crowd is there waiting again for the main actor to come and play again. At the beginning, he's very impressed by this chance and thankful for this opportunity  but slowly he realizes that it may not be as good as he was thinking    

4. Today:     

The song describes the possibility of living again a day, knowing exactly what happened, who we met and which place were visited. Having a plot of that day will not necessarily lead us to live those moments in a better way then in the first one...every moment is made unique by several variables that can't be controlled...which is the most interesting and meaningful part of living our life.   

5. Evelyn:

A song that describes the relationship between a brother and a sister. The boy is looking at his sister from the seat of a car while she is standing alone on a sidewalk ....waiting for someone...waiting for something to happen. A bitter-sweet short story of a girl that started as child playing with her closest friends and brother .... having fun and playing around like every other kid...but she lost herself during her journey and now she is the amusement of the others. The boy surrenders to this situation and hopes she will be herself again...sometime, somewhere...    

6. Not Me:    

This song describes the moment when a person realize that after loving some else so much in a relationship, there is always some else that he missed to love since a long time....himself. There is an inner need in everyone of us of loving someone else..."But how can you love someone and not yourself?" This is the question that the character of this song is asking to the inner part of himself    

7. The Shade:   

The "love song" of the album. Two individuals that started to love each other...recognizing this is something that big that can lift them up or drag them any case, after this they will never been the same.    

8. The Art of Trees:

The title track. This song is about resilience and how important is to have it in our daily life. Is the story of a guy that was overwhelmed by the emotions of something that just happened in his life...he is trying to run away from this pain and he finally met a Tree on a cliff...a Tree that is bent and old...but still there and beautiful...He asked the Tree to teach him its Art...The Art of Trees...being under the rain, the hot sun and bending with wind but still remain what mother nature thought about it since he was just a seed    

9. Away from Me:

A song about the rage of a young child towards his father. A father that was not there when he needed him...a father that uses empty words that became broken promises...a father from who stay away ... to survive and to become a better man    

10. BurnOut:

The beginning. A baby that is crying...the expectations of the parents and all the family. This is the time that is common to all the mankind...the moment of our birth...when everything can happen and when we start to become the human being we are destined to be. 

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