Behind The Artworks: Bikinis & Ice Cream - There´s No Finish Line (2019)

A guy watching a pastel sky. 

Cloudy and maybe stormy, but coloured with sweet and engaging colors.
There's a lot of hope behind this giant open world, looking half frightening half exciting for him.

Life is arms wide open in front of this guy.

He's just taking a last breath before taking is chance.

There's a sky map watermarked throught the clouds. The way to follow is written but he have to decode the signs to find his own path into the constellation of possibilities.

Ready to go ahead with his backpack, powered by  the energy of his youth, he's feeling this moment, in front of his future , like before jumping from a cliff in unknown waters.

Just one small step, but a giant leap for him. Maybe the first and surely not the last.

There's no finish line for those who want to explore. Life is an open land full of mysteries waiting to be discovered.

And even death is not the end, just the beginning of a new thing for those who goes by and those who stay.

What we do will stay forever. Dreams are made to be reached, and to engrave in the rock of our quick stay on earth, a small but essential mark of why we were here for.

Life is the painting we made of our childhood dreams, with shiny and dark colors, inspired by love and pain, feelings and knowledge. Dreams are the fuel of this adventure, and the only limit of it this, is the one we decided.
There's no finish line.

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