Track By Tracks: THE FLAYING - Angry, Undead (2019)

1. Ouverture écarlate (The very art of flaying):

Intro of hopelessness and blood splattered torture of a vulnerable human being meeting a debut friendship with a sawing or drilling device, agony, and boom!

2. Disloqué:

The final state of impossible rejuvenation of the mind throughout total annihilation of faith to do so, a complete state of standing still in the wait to die with a totally conscient and clever view of it, being alive with a dead mind. Extension to its global manifestation in society.

3. Place du Parvis:

Manifest in regards of authorities that collide and converge in a specific Quebec city area spot, to some unacceptable events that occurred a few years ago with a death provoked by agents of authority on a sacred place toward population depravity around. After trial a total acquittal of those responsible even if the brutal event was morally unacceptable, it legally prevailed;

4. Genuflect:

A manifest, a clear statement that gives a view on existential lucidity and judgement of the alienation of being part of the social actual process and that directly leads to the genuflexion before the altar of servitude, unless feeding the gigantic thorny tree of riots, ultimately contained by acts of violence committed by state against rebellious beings, a precious glance at humanity’s apathy and will to remain in a torment of mental segregation;

5. Egocentric Predicament:

A bass schizophrenic melody with a hyper blast and a 7/8 weird gent metric as an interlude of chaos brought together as a “musique de chambre dans le Boudoir” or should I say “The Bloodoir

6. Elegy of Emptiness:

Emptiness of inner self, the obligation to live with this inner emptiness and the never-ending will to ascertain hope and throughout the years the non-existence of it, like Ouroboro's ring or like the dog that has a stick with a sausage around his neck, out of reach before him, that would pursue it indefinitely and all of the abyss within getting wider throughout the years;

7. La Valse du Scorpion:

Poetry of obsessive dependence stranded in duplicity and evil and the will to confront the same Einstein sentence about trying to get different results by doing the same things on and on and avoid insanity BUT The power within to sublimate absolute evil by the will of preservation of a pure heart, it's a love song as well.

8. Angry Unleashed:

Strapped in an argentino seal in mental institute represents containment against free-will, the transformation of the mind build on inner survival instinct and automatic power and liberty throughout murder, narcissism, and death by cops.

9. Angry, Undead:

Violation of sepulchre, desecration of the deceased by funeral pettiness, a cataclysm of power to create and evolution of unlife that unhopes, an undead that is angry and coming to eradicated life, soul and humanity.

Lyrics are poetry as long as micro manifestos.

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