Track By Tracks: MYNAS - Dead To The Unknown (2019)

1. A Time To Fall:

This intro tack starts off with an acoustic guitar which leads into the roaring main riff of the song. This was the perfect choice to start the album off as it was very compelling. To us its a song about how time is always against us. Time is valuable and has no escape. Probably the one song, writing wise, that's very simple but leaves a great first impression.

2. Tyrant:

"Tyrants take by force." The first lyric of the verse. Tyrants is about the unconscious hypnosis on the world today of its obsession on social media. We wanted a fast pace song that kicks everyone into gear. The chorus is very driving which gives you the perfect rhythm to make you want to head bang to. The best part of this song is the middle section. It drifts into this heavy thick
guitar part which unexpectedly changes into a very nice orchestral melodic movement. Tyrant summarizes as a political aspect that is forced upon us.

3. Dead To The Unknown:

Our first song we wrote together, our roots, it was the song that made us believe we can be concerted in our music as a band. We decided to use this as the album title because it was an accomplishment to show what we can achieve. Lyrically this song is about the idea that we are all alone. We do, act and live alone with death itself. There's really nobody there to experience our struggles.

4. Frail:

Frail was a song that was kind of thrown out there at one point and eventually became part of the album. It has some death metal roots to it as well has your melodic touch. Most groovy song we have. Best part of the song is the, epically rhythm section of the entire solo. It was one of the tougher songs to arrange and orchestrate. The song is about of how strong you get from overcoming your obstacles yet it will still tear you down as a mortal.

5. Tearing Down The Clouds:

Our first single from the album, the preeminent song that sums up the whole album as a whole. The Lyrics on this one really hit home for us. The journey of being in a band and tearing down what you think is perfect. Its on becoming greater, striving and working together to overcome. Has a very catchy chorus in it. This has all the elements we have has musicians in one song. We are very pound of this one.

6. Emptiness In Me:

The slower, very moody type song that was inspired by life itself. This song came together great and flawless when we were writing it together. Every part just fits together very nicely and has lots of mood changes throughout. lyrically this is about people who were in your life and are now gone and we are left to pick up the pieces. Someone who is lost and dealing with the reality of it. The chorus of this song really stands out and you will feel the sorrowfulness this song gives off.

7. Oblivion:

Most definitely the rawest song on the album. It has a very driving presence all the way up to the chorus which hits you out of nowhere with this dark, heavy, vigorous riff and vocal arrangement.

The song takes you through an Internal struggle for self realization and discovering ones faults and strengths. Very strong lyrics on trying to prove
yourself but being oblivious to it.

8. Worse For Wear:

There was talk about trying out a seven string guitar on this album. This was that first song that we wrote with one. Has a very thrashy feel to the main verse and goes into a more open feel chorus that everyone will want to see to.

The drums on this one are insane and you get a face full of blast beats in a couple different sections throughout the song. The lyrics are about trying to be something you are just not. Getting through the day trying to not wear your worse.

9. In to Silence:

We have to say this one has to the most pumping song, especially to play live. The drums on this has a big role in achieving that. Fast pace with great catchy hooks and chorus into some heavy middle sections. We all wrote this seamlessly together and it is very epic. Into silence reflects a place of exploring your calm. Diving into your reflection and having reason to embrace solitude. This song definitely shows a testament of what we can really do melodically.

10. My Machine:

The fastest song on the album! Absolutely insane! My Machine was first brought in as a challenge by Mauricio to Miles to see if he can write a song that was as intriguing and as fast, tempo wise, as a previous song we have called "Fear The Slave." He definitely accomplished that on this one. It has your death metal and melodic mix that just crushes throughout the song. My Machine is about searching for something to believe in. Someone who doesn't know what they want until its shown to them. As told, there is no disparity between machine and human, both do what their told.

11. End Of All:

"End of All" is a track that stands its own. It has a deferent vibe that is monumental. It was song that was written and did not think would make the cut. We worked on it numerous times and kept coming back to it. I would say it takes you on a journey though quite a bit of different progressions. Lets say it starts and ends completely different. The writing of the song was inspired by a melodic death metal style. Towards the end of the song is very fetching yet dark. The lyrics for this song are about the argument that one can not be alone. Being steadfast and giving up hope for them. Turning us to, this is the end of agreement.

12. Until I Go:

The last song of the record. The intro to this is somewhat like a whisper to the ear. Like you know something epic is coming. We wanted to make it have a huge impact. After the intro riffs, the song starts kicking in and its all downhill from there. This song has lots of parts and sections to it that are melodic and right in the middle of song you get a heavy break down that crushes your face. At first if was one of the most difficult songs to put together. It actually almost did not make the cut because of the orchestration.

After many attempts it started to come together and we would have to say it one of the most epic songs on the album. The lyrics on this beast are very enticing and strong. Its about the struggles of suicide and depression. Unable to express emotions until being over. This was also the last song that was written for the album and works great as a closer.

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