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Behind The Artworks: Eight Days - Sink (2019)

"The artwork for us is an edited still of the music video for "Sink", the band shot/edited the video ourselves. We like being heavily involved in the creative process because it means all the more to us when it's come from our own heads.

The video was filmed against a blank backdrop in order to give it the two-tone/monochrome look, plus we could ad other shots behind figures in the video so that you can see another video through the shadow. The time-lapsed shots behind the figures in the video were filmed on recent drives to shows, we thought it really matched the speed and energy of the song.

The artwork is a still from the video, it's our guitarist Mat with some of the motorway time lapsed still through his shadow, it's a cool image to look at, we edited it and cropped in certain bits to make it look more interesting."

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