Behind The Artworks: S91 - Along The Sacred Path (2019)

1.What’s the meaning behind the artwork?

At the center of the cover, you can see the Campanile di Curon (tower bell of Curon) which is today the only visible part of the ancient village of Curon Venosta, now completely covered by mud. The idea is that the Church resists despite the gossip, the carelessness, and the scandals.

2. What’s the meaning behind the album and some of the songs? Describe the album as a whole and describe each song track by track.

The story of "Behold the Mankind" ends with the death and resurrection of Christ. "Along the Sacred Path" takes up the thread of the story narrating how Constantine manages to win the Battle of Ponte Milvio and become Emperor. Constantine has gone down in history as a rather ambiguous character but his actions have been decisive for the Church's history. The Sacred Path is the one that many walks along, unconsciously sometimes; talks about all those actions done by inspired men which have brought benefits to the history of humanity and to the Western society even if they look regrettable or morally unacceptable.

S91's lyric video for the first single “Constantine The Great” at the following link:

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