Track By Tracks: Carved - Thanatos (2019)

1. Sons of Eagle:

This song recovers the previously started topic on Kyrie Eleison with “The Burning Joke”. A contraposition between Prometheus, a humanity light bearer and Free Will metaphor, and the Eagle, oppression symbol instead of freedom, a metaphor of ineluctable Fate. Through various quotations, the whole piece plays on the stereotype of the eagle as a symbol of power, an identification of evil represented by the Nazi, Fascist and Communist dictatorships, but also by American imperialism.

2. Octopus:

The song speaks about the magistrates Falcone and Borsellino. Both paladins against Mafia (the Piovra, “octopus”), both killed in bombing attacks by the Sicilian underworld for their investigations. The point of view is by Paolo Borsellino, aware, after the death of his colleague and friend, that he will be the next in line.

3. Skal:

The end of a journey is also a celebration, a toast (SKAL!), not just a mourning. In a romantic vision we could all gather together into Valhalla to tell each other our own story, a vision that could help the living to think about what he could tell when he’s dead.

4. Path:

This instrumental piece is a dodecaphony, a little experiment that, strangely, lends itself very well to death metal sounds.

5. Rain Servant:

Creation, destruction and reconstruction, both in the artistic work and in our life, is a repeating cycle. Those who have experienced situations of natural disasters such as floods, alluvions or earthquakes are aware of this. Mourning becomes collective and the ability to recover becomes a public and not an individual effort.

6. Hagakure:

The ancient Japanese script Hagakure speaks, through aphorisms, of the Bushido, the way of the warrior. The main topic is death and how we must prepare ourselves for it, visualizing we’re already dead to make our path.

7. La Ballata degli Impiccati:

This cover of Fabrizio De Andrè, late and acclaimed Italian singer-songwriter, is the symbol of the victims of the state, when the state is a bearer of violence instead of justice, of arrogance rather than a guarantee to the weakest.

8. NeveroddoreveN:

This guitar solo is a palindrome composition, another little experiment, where the concepts of "beginning" and "end" have no meaning

9. The Time Traveller:

Some griefs remain indelible in our memory and often we imagine to go back in time to prevent death of the loved ones. It is a song about the broken lives and our own memory, our capacity to remember them, of overcoming and making them our own in conscience, living also for them.

10. Spider:

Religion speculates and always will on fear of death, relying on the unknown of the afterlife, making people crazy in prey to a Nietzschian abyss that returns the gaze, unable to understand the absolute chaos and senselessness of reality.

11. The Gulf:

This song is about a local news ("The Poisons Gulf"), a particular case of the more general propensity to commit crimes against the environment, polluting and exploiting the planet for a selfish advantage for a few but with serious consequences for us all.

12. Come with Me:

In this voices quartet, masterfully interpreted by Sara Squadrani of Ancient Bards, it is Death itself that makes her voice heard, reassures us and takes care of us when our hour arrives.

13. Elsie:

Some griefs remain indelible in our memory for the blood bond they carry, for the meaning we give them. It is a song about the accomplished lives and our ability to carry beyond what has been handed down to us, knowledge and values to be transmitted in turn, again.

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