Track By Tracks: CIRROSIS - The Collector Of Truths (2019)

1. Asfixia:

It is a very important song, it was written in the days of "Reciclando Desesperación". It is a powerful song, in Spanish, and the backbone of the album. The sound is a mixture of death and groove metal.

2. Nowhere … But Here:

It's a crazy song, the first appearance on the album of our guest drummer "Kevin Talley" (Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Chimaira). Here you can see a more technical CRS, with touches including jazz but also you can hear blast beats. Musically with many contrasts, speed, melody and even clean sounds. The lyric is about exile, emulates the internal explosion of a human being.

3. Kill my Name:

One of the catchiest songs on the album. The interesting thing is to be able to achieve that effect without the song losing the strength of Death Metal. The letter deals with the elimination of the self. It is a personal struggle of a person who also hates himself and wants to expel everything he hates about him.

4. The Art of Breathing:

This song is described as a "Cynic" song, due to its style. It has one of the most significant and spiritual lyrics of the album. On the bass we have invited, none other than, Linus Klausenitzer from OBSCURA & ALKALOID, who played a spectacular role even playing a fret less bass.

5. Resistencia:

This is a Hardcore Song. A Spanish song. We always wanted to have a song with this kind of sound. A more simple structure but powerful, which shows our punk influence.

6. A Better Place to Hate:

Our first single. The fastest song. We are not a Brutal Death Metal band but we wanted to show that we can be as heavy as many bands without losing the CRS sound. This was the last song written for this album. Joseph Lev did it in 24 hours and we were all excited.

7. The Daydreamer´s Nightmare:

This song has its past, even in its lyrics. Here you will see an acoustic intro in the vein of the old school, a slow solo, a very melodic song. It is also an intense lyric; it shows someone suffering from emotional disorders. Bled to be filled again with life.

8. I´m the Universe:

The most “Meshuggah” song, the most technical and precise. It shows victory in the war of one against oneself. I could say it's our favorite. Close the album and it could not be understood without being heard.

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