Track By Tracks: Gone Cosmic - Sideways In Time (2019)

1. Dazed:

It’s fitting for Dazed to be the first track on the album, it was the first track written instrumentally and the first one that lyrics/melody were written to. When Abbie joined the band, all songs (except My Design) had the structures built instrumentally (many a gins were had haha). Dazed introduces Gone Cosmic’s sound - you get the main riff of the song right off the bat and you can feel it’s intensity being driven through band and melodic dynamics. Temptress. Everyone knows that feeling - when you KNOW something isn’t good for you and you keep going back anyway. Dazed is the soundtrack to that indecision, the constant back and forth on that hyperbolic reasoning.

2. Deadlock:

Deadlock is when you think the road is going straight, and then it’s either hard left out of nowhere or you’re off the mountain’s edge. This track twists and turns, building the heart rate up to force it into a Deadlock. And then you’re sailing, for a moment. We often open live shows with this song as its great for capturing energy immediately, moving into a robotic groove, and then on to chaotic shredding with a sweet interlude in between.

3. Siren:

The seductive Sirens of Greek mythology, dangerously taunting the deepest desires of anyone listening.
The whole tone of this song is thick and dirty, bringing it back to tie in with Dazed and that temptation aspect. Self awareness is key in understanding the darker nature of human civilization.

4. Faded Release:

Faded Release is a throat punching, face melting, melodically driven trip. Starting off unknowingly sweet and approachable, quickly turning the tides to clutch your attention and shake your senses. It touches on the ultimate sacrifice and give-all nature that takes place for a loved one, be it a friend, a lover, a partner, ect. Faded Release focuses on when passion is what drives your intention and those surrounding see it as an opportunity to take advantage.

5. Turbulent (CD/Stream Only):

This is our mostly instrumental track, with a glimpse of some trippy vocal layers in the later half, to put it simply - this song is fucked, in the best way.

6. Misfit Wasted:

We’re trippin’ out maaaaaaaan. For real, Misfit Wasted is drenched in psych. It’s like getting in a cab when you’ve had too many - one moment you’re fine and the next gravity has taken full force as it feel like you’re being rocketed to the unknown!

7. Bear the Weight:

Bear the Weight took forever to write lyrics for. It was re-written a multitude of times. Abbie wasn’t actually happy with it until literally minutes before stepping in the booth to record vocals (and now she has no choice but to like it!). It pushes right out the gate and doesn’t intend to lose momentum. Bear the Weight thrives in that tension filled dynamic push and pull, in classic Cosmic style, it continues to throw you into different dimensions of sound.

8. My Design:

My Design was the first song we wrote together from front to back after Abbie had joined. No song sounds the same on Sideways In Time and this track is no exception. My Design elevated us into a raw and unearthed playing field.

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