Track By Tracks: Keys And Vices - Chronic Nostalgia (2019) - Breathing The Core


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domingo, 10 de marzo de 2019

Track By Tracks: Keys And Vices - Chronic Nostalgia (2019)

1. Out of My Head:

This song is about starting over in a new life, but struggling with the constant reminders of the past repeating inside your mind.

2. Running Away:

This is about love itself. Love having betrayed, insulted, and deceived over and over. But love is so special in life that you cannot give up on it even when it’s done you wrong.

3. Like an Anchor: 

Exposes the secrets someone is keeping from you. When they think you’re naïve and easily manipulated, the truth is simply giving relentless support. An anchor keeps you grounded, but in this case it traps both of you, the willing and the apathetic.

4. Twila: 

This song is a very personal song for me (Jennifer Valdez) about the loss of my grandmother to Alzheimer’s disease. Her name was, Twila, and the pain our family went through watching her mind and body deteriorate was devastating. The song describes the changes she went through, forgetting our names and faces, she couldn’t walk or form basic sentences in the end. Lyrics like, “I’m calling out your name, but I’m calling out in vain”, define what all families endure when their loved doesn’t know their own name and mentally disappears before their eyes.

5. How Do I: 

This is a song about moving on but struggling to know that it will ever truly be possible. When you trust someone with your life and your heart, giving it to them without any conception of possible failure, then they abandon you. How do you let that go? When you’ve spent a majority of your lives together, how do you start from the beginning with someone new? Could you ever let another person into your life knowing the risk of the cycle repeating?

6. Box of Keys:

This is a song about personal vices. This song is what led to the name 

7. Keys And Vices: 

All of the fears, mistakes, addictions inside one headspace with many keys locking up both your potential and failure.

8. Count Back:

This is a reminder not to take life for granted. To say life is short is an understatement, and the reminder, while familiar, is enough of a statement to encourage the excitement of tomorrow.

9. Ghost Love:

This song is the most straight-forward, raw, song on this album. It’s about a pain deeper than heartbreak - it’s the death of love and the ghost of that love haunting everywhere. Closure is a demolished crossing bridge with no hope of repair.

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