Track By Tracks: Ancient Altar - Cosmic Purge/Foie Grass (2019)

Cosmic Purge and Foie Gras are both interchangeable in regards to “the first song” on the EP. Even though we have called it Cosmic Purge/Foie Gras, we purposefully didn’t number the tracks so that the listener could start the record on whichever side they choose.

Cosmic Purge deals with the topic of the end of, and rebirth of the Universe. As the Universe started from a single point and expanded from there, the scenario in this songs poses a “what if the Universe were to collapse in on itself”; sort of a reverse Big Bang. It then goes on to talk about the helplessness and despair that we would face when we finally were able to read the signs of what is to come. I like to think that this happens, and has happened, over and over again for all eternity so that the Universe can cleanse itself and start anew.

Foie Gras is about what happens when our creations turn on us. We have created AI, and have used it to our advantage, but have also exploited it. As the AI becomes self-aware, it turns on us, and we become its slaves, and in turn its experiments. We then become like ducks being force fed (tortured) for our Foie Gras, and there is no way to escape…it’s too late,

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