Behind The Artworks: Pelican - Nighttime Stories (2019)

As with our last several releases, the artwork started with photographs by our friend Andrew Weiss. Typically, Larry will dig through Andrew's photos looking for images that seem to reflect the mood of the release we're putting together. Once we have the photos in hand, we invite a designer to utilize them in pursuit of a visual representation of the music's themes. Nighttime Stories is not quite as conceptual as our other albums, but there are definitely recurrent themes: grief, disillusionment, anxiety, apoplectic rage, hope, resolve, etc. We decided our old friend and erstwhile collaborator Aaron Turner was best suited to synthesizing and expressing this palette of of tones. We all very thrilled with his work - it might be the first time in our history where the artwork was approved immediately without some kind of revisions - though apparently Aaron spent nearly a month on an initial concept for the layout that he abandoned completely before he came up with the final artwork.

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