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Band Biographies: Nemesis Alpha

Nemesis Alpha is a one-man band consisting of Rudy Leal writing and recording all music with Bjorn "Speed" Strid contributing on vocals. After years of writing, recording, and performing with the band Shattered Sun, Rudy joined the U.S. Army where he has been serving ever since. Over the years and between the multiple deployments he compiled a large catalogue of music which contributed to the debut album "Nemesis Alpha". Technical heaviness combined with melodic guitar work similar to that of Soilwork, Darkest Hour, and In Flames creates the dynamic combination that drive's the music's unique sound. Bjorn "Speed" Strid (Soilwork, The Night Flight Orchestra) contributes his signature screaming and pristine melodic hooks throughout the debut album, making for an undeniably heavy onslaught of catchy, yet incredibly diverse tracks.

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