Track By Tracks: Life After Last - Life After Last (2019)

1. Rise Above Tragedy:
The meaning behind this track is about overcoming a depressive type state of monotony. The idea is to overcome that mindset and push forward in a positive way. The word "tragedy" in this sense can be used in many aspects and is open for the listeners to relate their own type of tragedy in their own lives and rising above them. 

2. Silence Speaks Volumes:

This is a song of betrayal and realizing that the person that betrayed you, in the end, is the one who truly lost. You realize that after numerous hours of arguing and verbally trying to get your point across, the strongest way to get that point across is to actually be silent. There is a lot to be said without using any words. 

3. Wrath:

This is the final track on the EP. The lyrics correlate perfectly with the aggressive music on this song. It is about being pushed to your breaking point, and not wanting to pass that level of anger due to the outcomes that will occur as a result. The wrath that others will feel due to you passing that breaking point. We have all been in that state of mind before, the feeling of overwhelming anger and frustration that takes over a person mentally and physically, and causes a person to lash out in a way that is outside of their normal behaviors. 

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