Track By Tracks: Next Door To Heaven - V Ways To Accept (2019)

Our album "V ways to accept" is for everyone who's in search of a better understanding of him/herself. 10 tracks are very different but united by one idea. It's a very unusual type of an album. "V ways to accept" is about 5 stages of grief and acceptance of yourself and everything new around you. 

1. Denial I: Space And Time:

The song isn't ordinary for metal at all, even for progressive metal. It starts in a very unusual manner. The chorus is a mixture of many genres in one. Lyrics make you feel swinging all the time. Emotions overwhelm you.

2. Denial II: Commotion:

This one is much heavier than the first song. The verse has a syncopated rhytm and the vocal doesn't duplicate it as it usually does. Chorus is lighter and easier for most listeners' understanding. Normally while thinking of vocal lines and lyrics I prefer making them more "pop" where it's suitable. 

3. Anger: Unrestrained:

"Unrestrained" is supposed to be played on a 9-string guitar and it surely is the most low-tuned and heavy song on this album. 2 vocals are combined in a way we never did it before. This song is like the sound of anger, the sound of aggression. 

4. Bargaining: Revoke:

"Revoke" is the most "classical" heavy song, I guess. The riffs are so familiar to metalheads' hearts. This track makes you feel more confident, you start to realize all your mistakes are not that fatal as you thought they are.

5. Depression I: Razors:

The most personal song I've ever written. It's like a feeling of never-ending anxiety and blame. It's hard to say more about what - you need to listen to it to find out more and find something for yourself.

6. Depression II:

Illusion It's like speaking to yourself in a very introverted manner. The atmosphere tightens you, doesn't let you move until you're totally honest. It's like taking a lie detector test.

7. Depression III:

Mistaking It's very sensual and catchy. Riffs are easy to remember. The song tells about loneliness inside being not alone. It's like "we all born alone and die alone" kind of thing.

8. Acceptance I:

Believe In Me The lightest song on the album. Synthetic drums combined with real drums in it. It's very poetic and filled with female energy. The song is about a simple thing we sometimes ask someone for belief in us and everything we want to do and achieve in life.

9. Acceptance II:

I See Through Verses of the song "I see through" aren't typical for us because they don't even include bass guitar. We wanted to make something in contrast, something using a major scale. There're a lot of layers like in the painting. Acceptance III: Reflections This song is like a reflection of water in your sunglasses. It's like a conclusion. The mood is positive, inspiring. The chorus is intensive and voluminous. You don't run from yourself anymore, you learn to accept everything in you and around you.

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