Track By Tracks: Wykan - Brigid: Of The Night (2019)

1. Imbolc is about the poems written in scriptures about the Goddess Brigid, of the Ancient Celts belief structure. She represents the beginning of spring and ceremonies for this Goddess of fertility and Fire are quite important for them in this era. This song is atmospheric and starts off as a very rock, very 1970’s bluesy sound and becomes slowly black-metalesque before having a deep death metal feel, it is my favorite atmospheric Wykan song, very progressive but feels full and complete. Ovation guitar used for intro and 1993 Fender Ultra Stratocaster for the solos.

2. Breo-Saighead is a song which speaks of the origin of Brigid and the representation of this deity amongst the Celts of Ireland before religious tyranny pillaged their land. This song starts off very Stoner Rock, goes into some blacked doom and ends very Doomy, an ode to the Riff. The last two riffs are atmospheric Odes to Iommi. I like originality yet for once I went all Doom full Stoner-style and pulled it off well I find. This song intro is that same Strat but primarily on this whole album as on this song other than those two intros and solos, it's all a 2018 Ibanez Prestige with higher end sounding Dimarzio Fusion Edge pickups, into my 15 pedal-pedalboard into a newer 5150 head. I love when the solo at beginning kicks in -  so heavy - but 90's rock at the same time.

3. Reul-Iuil Bride is a description of how the festivities went as an ode to Brigid' pre-Spring celebration and her arrival. Some details about her and her strengths and metaphorical representations for the populace too. This song is more of the blackened doom song of the album, I really see the whole concept for Wykan as a trip, an exploration into music, with a timeline, like theatrical. This album as well as SOLACE show this clearly yet this album touches the same genres but different roots of these genres and a more relatable area of Blues, Rock, Doom, Death and Black Metal genres. My concept is that of course like most evolutionary stories, becomes quicker, weirder and powerful before imploding at some ending, climax where these albums finish quite desperately loud and quick. I love the array of riffs and Jazzy take I decided to go with on drums on the blackest metal midway riff, where usually you'd have a blast beat. In all, I'm really happy with the EP and look forward to another by this end of fall, winter.

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