Behind The Artworks: WAINGRO - III (2019)

As with the previous two albums, our friend Cole Benoit created & designed the layout for the records. We'll give him a jumping off point, and then he'll go to work for a couple of days and resurface with something awesome. Being the third time around, he knew what the parameters were and the aesthetic to follow so that they all flowed with each other with the prism being the main focal point. But it was fairly basic as far as where to start. I had approached him with an idea to have gold on black and keep the geometric design going. So again, after a couple of days, he came with the basic idea and then added some images and colour schemes to some of the areas. He incorporated some of his own photography into it as well which is really cool. We wanted to keep with a minimal approach but still have some eye-catching art to accompany the music. He's one of those guys that has an eye for making great looking images, and he never disappoints.  All we knew is that we wanted something dark on this one, and Cole nailed it once again. 

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