Track By Tracks: Page 38 - Burning The Midnight Oil (2019)

1. 145:

145 was the first song we wrote for this project. It comes from something I’ve experienced many times,... meeting a new girlfriend's parents. On the surface, I’m not exactly the poster boy for someone you want dating a female in your family. I’ve got the stretched ears, tattoos, shaved sides on my head, and...well I’m in a band!

The song tells the thoughts I’ve had of just grabbing my best gal, telling her dad to frig off, jumping in the car, and just givin’ er!

2. Gypsy Soul:

This track comes to the wandering nature of being a musician and not just a traveling one either! Being creative can make you a difficult person to be romantically involved with, our minds are always on our craft, we don’t have a lotta free time. So we go through significant others pretty quick, we’re always roaming between lovers and that’s all a part of this crazy thing we do call rock n roll.

The titled and main chorus is a nod to ‘Colder Weather’ by The Zac Brown Band, where that song talks a little on the somber side of the subject, whereas our track is a little bit more of the carefree side of it!

3. Mama June:

Mama June was actually inspired by a true story my dad told me. So back in the when the bars would close and they wanted to keep the party going, they would head to the bootleggers and buy some booze and keep it going! So I took that idea and crafted the story of Mama June, the badass old lady who sells booze out of her house and then ends in a blaze of glory shoot out with the cops!

4. No More Lovin’ You:

No More Lovin’ You tells a story told time and time again, breaking up! You get into a relationship, you really want to make it work. You’ll try time and time again to keep your significant other happy and keep the relationship going, even when you start to have your doubts you still try. But after a while of trying and giving in to someone, well it’s time to say enough is enough and you just say ‘I ain’t lovin you no more’.

5. Get Even:

The final track of the EP is straight up, driving rock tune comes from a place of having unsettled issues with an ex-lover and using the only way I knew how to get even with. Airing everything through my music.

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