Band Biographies: Dog Drive Mantis

Dog Drive Mant is is the Toronto (Mississauga) - based sonic brew of Derek Serbin, Mike Papaloni, Carmen Haines and Neilroy Miran da. Since their formation in October of 2015, the band has blended progressive indie post - rock with jazz fusion , always exploring new ways to add to the experiential mix that is their music.

With raw tracks that keep their listeners engaged with the changes, Dog Drive Mantis shares the water with Tortoise, Do Make Say Think, Jaga Jazzist, Snarky Puppy, Streetligh t Manifesto and Vulfpeck. DDM aims to make each song a journey. They move along in a progressive format through each section, continuously reinventing previous motifs as the track develops.

Serbin’s carefully constructed and super melodic woodwind lines find support in Papaloni’s colorful guitar harmonies. Miranda’s drums lay down the band’s foundations and deep groovy pocket, while Haines’ thick bass elevates them. But at the core of it all, Dog Drive Mant is is a fluid – able to take on different forms an d flow at different velocities through a multitude of different musical situations – although never really confined to any.

For Fans Of: Do Make Say Think, Snarky Puppy

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