Band Biographies: Stoner Kings

Stoner Kings were formed in 2000 as the brainchild of professional wrestler Michael "StarBuck" Majalahti. 

Releasing their first album, Brimstone Blues in 2001 on StarBuck's Rebel Breed Recordings label, the release got a European deal through Massacre Records in 2002 and was repackaged for continental distribution. In 2006, Stoner Kings released their second effort, Fuck the World, through Rebel Breed, with distribution through Playground Music Scandianvia. Over 2007-2008, Stoner Kings went through a complete line-up change, except for vocalist StarBuck, and finally things came to a halt in late 2008 when the band ceased operations.

Now, in 2016, with the summer release of a movie about StarBuck's pro wrestling career and persona hitting theaters in Finland and Sweden, with worldwide deals pending, the frontman decided to revamp the band and return to action, literally Back From The Past!

In today's overly PC environment and sanitized society, Stoner Kings have come back to mess things up and run amok, bringing back the soul of the wildman within all of us as a service to everyone!  

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