Band Biographies: Barkasth

Barkasth was formed in 2015 by Arkhonth. In 2018, the debut album Decaying was released on Svarga Music Records. The main theme of the album was the negative attitude of musicians to religion.

In the same year, with the presentation of the album, band visited Romania and Moldova, and also shows were played at festivals such as Oskorei and Ragnard Reborn. In 2019, Barkasth in the Kharkiv studio Viter Music (Drudkh, Hate Forest, Blood Of Kingu, etc.) recorded their second album, Hear My Void, which will be released in the fall by Ashen Dominion.


Arkhonth - guitars, vocals
Goreon - guitars, vocals
Hagalth - bass
Maleth - drums

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