Behind The Artworks: CELL - Ancient Incantations Of Xarbos (2019)

The artwork for Ancient Incantations Of Xarbos was a custom creation by Remy of Headsplit designs. We went with him on our first album The Frozen Moon Of Erebath and he killed it with our concept! The cover of the album is actually what is happening in the intro track The Rise Of Gorthar and Defiling The Ancient Hierarchy. The pagan Xarbonite race is shown performing an incantation to Awaken the ancient demon Gorthar. They did this so the Demon would help them destroy the high race and bring them back into power of the world they love, keeping their people and the land from dying. In the first song, you can hear a storm brewing while they open up the pit. You begin to hear a bunch of souls scream in pain and horror as they exit their eternal home for the few minutes that they have. Gorthar is essentially the god of Death, Pain, Blood, Fear and War. We actually also threw in a cool easter egg in the top left corner as well! It's the Erabathians from the first album acting as spectators to the great war of Xarbon. The endgame for them is essentially to take over Xarbon once the great war is over and the majority of the population is decimated. They plan to take the DNA from the leftover Xarbonite warriors and Necromancers so that they can incorporate it with their genes to become more powerful.

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