Track By Tracks: Neon Insect - New Moscow Underground (2019)

1. До свидания!

What you make out of this one is up to you. You’ll hear heavy cyborg boots walking down a hallway, and the soviet anthem playing. And then...violence.

2. Fist, Hit, Cracking Bones:

A sample of what’s going on in the mind of a cyborg and what their purpose is in story context. The last segment of the song marks the march of the cyborgs in New Moscow.

3. This Is Our City:

This is more of an old school EBM/Industrial track. Very aggressive and fierce, nasty vocals a bit in the style of Ministry.

4. Dear Cyborg:

I talked about cyborgs a lot already. This track is about the inner fight of Dave, who infiltrated the “Imperial Cyborg Program”, after his transition from human to cyborg. He was prepared with neural blockers, so he was able to keep control over himself.

5. Mazerunner:

Mazerunner actually has two takes. One is about the runners and their missions, who are constantly sent out by the resistance to fight, infiltrate or hack the empire. The other take is actually about a person, who is trying to break out of the structure.

6. LLTQ (Slighter Remix):

Pretty dope Drum ‘n’ Bass remix by Slighter. LLTQ features the vocals and lyrics of Claus Larsen/Leaether Strip. The song in it’s very first version is “Long Live The Queen” from the Abatron Soundtrack. The collab with Claus can be heard on Glitches and the remix is the final iteration of the song. So...a bit of Neon Insect history in 3 acts.

7. h4CX:

h4CX is a very quirky instrumental track. The samples tell the story of women abused as sex slaves by government people. A common theme in New Moscow. People in power will abuse you.

8. It's Gotta Be Me:

The second single of my album is about a character, who explores the forbidden area outside the workspace. Eventually the discoveries shake up the beliefs of that person, but he or she can not come to terms (yet). Workers are not allowed to leave the block where they work. If they do and get caught, they get killed or sent to the exiles. Life is rough in New Moscow.

9. Downtown Network:

An soundtrack-ish experimental track with strings and quirky experiments. Very dark and dangerous.

10. Blossom:

Blossom sort of underlines the hopelessness of the resistance in their fight against the Empire, which is pretty much not a fight to win.

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