Track By Tracks: Nufftalk - Between The Fingers (2019)

What's up Breathing the Core! This is Deniz Vural from Nufftalk, I play the drums in this band. And thanks for the interview, we really appreciate it!

We've been working on the EP for 2 years, we struggled many times trying to release this work. However, after 2 years we have decided this is the right time, now for the first time, it's great to tell people what this EP mean to us.

1. Between the Fingers ft. Alex of Carbine:

In the song Between the Fingers, we talk about the ones who sit on their throne, control peoples fate while just sitting there doing nothing. We don't want to accept this idea.

2. Punch the Punk:

Ah... What a controversial song this is. We had so many beefs because of this banger. All I can say is, we didn't mean to hurt any of you punks in this song. Sorry if it made you cry in your home while listening to this because this was actually about a kid who was having some beef with the crew, as you can read in the lyrics our vocalist says "Since ninety fucking eight this world is cursed, kid." I mean, do you think all of you punks are born in 1998? I don't think so. 

So stop fucking around in our posts trying to decide if this song is about punks or not. It's not, we have punk friends, we love them and that's it! So yeah, it's about how we hated some guy so much back then. But now we're cool.

3. Vendetta ft. Ferit of Hatred Barricade:

My personal favorite from the album. Vendetta is about the middle east hell we're trying to survive. Each day, we get worse and worse in this fucking hell you don't have a clue! Every breathe and every step is a risk in this hell. Luckily we're living on the west side of our country which makes life easier for us. But if god's real then hope it gives strength to those people who try to live in the middle east. The politics, the security they provided are all against us. We hate those who steal from the poor and we think they don't even deserve to live! There are so many people that use religion and brainwash people, then take their votes. WE, HATE, EVERY, SINGLE, OF, THEM.

Then Ferit (a.k.a. Gulyabani), says:

"Fuck your happy faces, Fuck your Instagram stories,
Fuck your fake sensivity!" 

Not to mention that this beast is speaking in Arabic while saying all these. He has a point. When something horrible happens, all we do is post a story about it and continue our normal life, don't ignore this! So that's why, fuck your fake sensivity!

Ultimately, Vendetta is about the revenge our people are preparing. The march of the dead is coming!

Thank you for having us, Breathing the Core! This is Deniz from Nufftalk, love you guys

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