Track By Tracks: Rat Face Lewey - The Fall Of Man (2019)

1. Tell your Friends about me:

I wrote the riff to this song after coming back from a solo trip to Amsterdam and it instantly resonated with me. If you allow someone to rot away at your faith and allow them to doubt yourself what possible outcome could you expect to have? Don’t be afraid of being crucified by people that don’t matter. Don’t be controlled. Find your path, walk it and never look back. 

2. Comfortable:

I have never written a song quicker than this one. I played the intro riff and my fingers and brain just figured it out and I had the melodies and structure within 20 minutes. This song is a tribute to the people who put you down to make themselves feel better. They are showy and have everything in life, but deep down they didn’t really believe it.

3. The Pirate Song:

Am I Pirate or am I a normal person? Am I drunk or sober? Can’t I just go to the beach and play music, drink liquor and watch the sun disappear? I love life. I want to thank Matthew Hyde and Merrick de la Fuente for their tremendous help in creating the backing vocals throughout. They are harmony machines. 

3. Replaced:

I wrote this song on my lunch break at work. They had practice rooms with Pianos upstairs so I used to go and play every day without fail. I really like the melodies during the chorus and the midsection. Everyone in the band helped make this song the best it could be. The score to Man of Steel inspired the guitar parts and Mav my bro and bass player ab libbed the 1234 War part in the studio. It sounded cool so we did a gang vocal of it.

4. Fight my Noose:

The feeling of being depressed has often left me crippled and unable to exist at numerous times in my life. I felt like I had a noose around my neck and it was choking the life out of me. So I allowed negative people and influences to expire and decided to fight, acknowledge anger and pour my soul into writing this record. It worked.

5. Fall of Man:

This song describes the transition of society from a state of obedience to a state of disobedience. In most cases, society had adopted unconscious innocent obedience. However, after the polarised political events of 2016 humankind has transitioned to a state of guilty disobedience. Living obedience is a plague, stop being a hipster, put down your Nintendo switch and craft beer, wake up. Leave The garden (it is not what it seems) face the “guilt”.

6. This Turtle:

Neptune was a Roman God with an intense personality causing earthquakes and would literally turn people’s lives upside down. I have a few tremors in me. Both physically and mentally. I ate a turtle once when I was in China. It was presented on my plate with little fanfare and was seasoned with loads of pepper. It was cute and I ate every bit. It made me horny.

7. Belong to yourself:

This is one of the oldest songs on the album, which I wrote back in about 2007. I was writing about being lazy and sad. I and the brain didn’t along very well at the time. However, creatively, it was the best spell of my life. I love collaborating as a band. We added the outro to this song about a week before we went to record it.”

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