Band Biographies: Below The Bottom

In 2009 a group of college students took their first steps in forming one of the most recognizable purely metallic hardcore bands in Greece today. Their sound, which combines hardcore/metal/beatdown with a DIY aesthetic, has so far been channeled into 4 releases that gained excellent reviews from the music community both domestically and abroad. 

They have shared a stage with local and international acts such as CORONER (SUI),DIAMOND HEAD (USA), FINAL PRAYER (GER), FACE YOUR ENEMY (ITΑ), MY TURN (GRE), NEVER-TRUST (GRE) and others.

Below the Bottom can give a stellar performance bursting with energy that will satisfy not only a demanding punk/hardcore audience, but also listeners of the metal genre and sub-genres.


Self-defined (EP) - 2012 
Justice served (LP) - 2016 
Omega (SINGLE) - 2018 
Demagogy EP 2019

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