Behind The Artworks: Arrival Of Autumn - Harbinger (2019)

Ty Fox (drums): The artwork for Harbinger was done by Kevin at Soft Surrogate. As a fan of his I didn’t want to give him too much direction, I gave him a theme and he worked with it. We wanted something ominous and dark and completely different from anything we had done before and he nailed it. He created a character called The Harbinger, that is an omen of death and despair. The blank stare given to the observer leaves one feeling uneasy, like something bad is about to happen. It was so out of left field it took some getting used to but we couldn’t be happier with the result. As you flip through the booklet you see the environment of The Harbinger being destroyed page by page which is suiting to the song content, and was perfect for giving the listener a visual interpretation for the content and themes of the album.

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