Behind The Artworks: Renegade Cartel - Dear World (2019)

We knew we wanted a desolate wasteland. It signifies a rough path to find what you’re looking for. For us, it’s playing rock music in a place that has seemed to forget about rock. The scorching sun, beating down, attempting to persuade us to give in. The sugar skull embedded in the sand is our mark. It tells the children that we have been here and this is the right way on their journey. The back cover showcases the hopeful result of traveling so hard and far. You’ll have to get a hard copy to see that. The artwork was made by Stephen Damon-Tilley (Renegade Cartel’s singer/bassist). With the base photo taken in Arizona by Vic’s (Guitars) brother, Leonard Zavala, Stephen then compiled the cover with imagery of the bleak adventure. By the end of the 15 tracks, we certainly want everyone to be filled with hope that we will make it through that desert.

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