Track By Tracks: Arrival Of Autumn - Harbinger (2019)

1. Witness:

This track is about trying to survive when everything around you is falling apart, and it’s told through a fictional post-apocalyptic setting, inspired by the Mad Max films. The protagonist finds they can be a hero in times where there doesn’t seem to be a point in trying. It’s my favorite structure for a metal track, it has a big chorus, violent riffs, wicked guitar solo, great breakdown and a key change.

2. The Horror:

This was the first song written for the album, we wanted to make a hard hitting metal track with horror inspired lyrics. There’s no hidden depth or message in this song, it’s just a fun metal banger.

3. The Endless:

The Endless is about the human condition, and what exactly drives us. Do we have free will or are we simply going through our daily loop?

4. OB//NB:

Lyrically it’s about not losing yourself behind a mask while trying to fit in or become accepted by a certain group. Once the real you is exposed you lose those friendships with the people who thought you were trustworthy.

5. Hurricane:

Is about being the victim of indoctrination, whether it’s religious or political, it tends to define the subject to the point where it’s an identity crisis. The individual values and beliefs become replaced by group thinking, and typically a sort of control by the indoctrinator.

6. Apocalypse:

This track is a dark, fictional, embellished post apocalyptic drama of sorts. It stands out from the rest of the album due to it’s black metal influence and slowed down tempo. It’s also fitting that the album closes on a dire note.

7. End of Existence:

This track is my personal favourite on the album. It has an intense energy that was perfect for bringing the lyrical content. It’s about growing out of whichever worldview you were brought up in, and realizing you have to make a choice in what you believe, and stop living a lie.

8. Symbiotic:

Is about the eventuality of artificial intelligence, and the symbiotic relationship it will have with humans. As well as the possibility of it being the last step of human evolution, and our downfall.

9. Omen of Loss:

Is a take on depression, and how it can leave you feeling hopeless. The mind has a funny way of snowballing negativity, there’s no silver lining in this song. Just despair.

10. Better Off Without: 

Is about how humans gained consciousness, and we mistook it for a divine voice. Fast forward to now and the consequence of humanity using that voice for control, or power has had a negative impact on the world. But we’re at a point, I think, where those who’ve held this power are losing it and will continue to. And we’re better off without.

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