Track By Tracks: FECALITY - It's Only Smellz... (2019)

First of all need to tell that some lirycs comes directly from planet Crapton in a Hotfarts Nebula. Some of it cannot be translated so we leaved it on a native Craptonian language. Here are some descriptions.

1. Keep Calm! It's Only Smells:

The opening title track tells us about killing madness and some psychological issues. Take some babe to your place, put her in chains, cut her head off and do everything you want. Very comfortably. But impractical. Very soon the smell makes itself felt and fun is over. Need to find another victim.

2. Wrong Hole Accident:

Very simple. Fucking some pussy and in a fit of passion driving your cock in a butthole. Surprise motherfucker. There got to be a video somewhere in internet.  
3. Scars On Cunt:

Scars On Cunt... Huh ? Only higher forces knows how that happened. Maybe in the battles for freedom, or just cut on a kitchen... Who knows...

4. Don't touch my guitar with your fatty fingers:

Wash your goddamn hands before take some musical instruments. Jesus Christ...

5. To be peace dove:

That one tell us about writing crappy lyrics. All in all it's all ending with a murder. No need, no anger, no vengeance. Killing as a part of art. It's all about fun and aesthetics.

6. Tea Bag:

Self titled. Nothing to say more. Just make sure she can breathe...

7. Peniscope:

Being that fat so you could not see you cock may be a huge problem. In that case we introduce to you our revolutionary invention Peniscope. It's like periscope in a sub but instead of showing what is above the water, it shows what is under your belly. Can be delivered in grey and red tones. Make an order NOW.

8. When the Nipples bigger than tits:

Small accurate nipples are nice. Huge nipples are lame. Nothing more.

9. Anal Carnavar:

Anal Carnavar is an every year tradition event on Craptone. Be sure to visit then tell us about it.

10. Prey For Defecation:

There is a proverb on russian. "Жрать - не срать, можно подождать." It means, everything can wait but taking crap. It opens up new possibilities for domination. 

11. Clitcommander:

Clitcommander is commanding over the clits. What is not clear ?

12. Go Fuck Yourself:

The concept of the song was brought by our drummer Alex. He was driving his car and some crap has happened on a road with some assholes that pissed him off. Well it's better to ask him. Anyway the main idea is - if you some kind of jerk, go fuck yourself. For more details see you on FECALITY shows.

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