Track By Tracks: JX Arket - About Existence (2019)

1. About Existence:

This song focuses on the human continues research of a meaning. Sometimes we find ourselves thinking on the scope of our lives and how it could change our journey. Everyone faces its own fight, but the greatest battle is the conceiving of nothingness we are made of.

2. Faded Color:

A man alone in his house, watches the rain that falls on the streets at night. His thoughts goes to a person who is gone. This loss consumes his soul, as the autumn fades the colors of the leaves. The lyrics face death like a painful but natural step of life.

3. Mountains:

We all live in a century of social and environmental precariousness. This song is an anthem of hope, a clear message for everyone: we need to change our habits, toghether, or the future in front of us will be the darkest ever. We’re all sparks of ancestral energy, provided of different forms. Humans, animals, plants. We are. United in life and death.

4. Weeping willow:

Opening our feelings to the others sometimes is not so easy, mostly for the fear of being judged. The idea for this song was born from an attempt to represent this feeling through an iconic plant. In other words, this is a message to remind us that nature is part of us and we're all connected by the same thread.

5. Void and pain:

The lyrics talk about loneliness. The subject is hardly sealing between the waves of solitude, sure that sooner or later he will find his own serenity.

Counterpoison: Here and there, relationships can leave us marks and sad feelings. Often a remedy could be trying to escape from these situations deleting this source of pain, even if the injury may just have change us.

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