Track By Tracks: Renegade Cartel - Dear World (2019)

1. Break Your Chains:

This song is one of our oldest tunes. We’ve jammed on it with so many lineups of the band, its silly. But here it is. In its final glory! A hard hitting, sorta groovy little ditty that reminds you not to take bullshit from anybody. You don’t have to give into the pressures of what everyone else wants.

2. Drown:

A fun, upbeat drinking song about alcoholism! As much as we indulge ourselves, there is another side to that line. I’ve seen so many people fall to the extreme and lose control. It’s a heavy burden to bear, that leaves a mess for those who care about you picking up the pieces. That being said let’s do a Cartel Family shot of Fireball! Cheers! Kanpai! Slainte! 

3. Disintegrate:

Ah, another vice to write about. This time it’s about a pretty big issue going on right now. Too many friends and family are dying from opioid overdoses. It’s really sad to see a beautiful life just taken away. This heavy, driving song is from the point of view of someone who struggles with it and overcomes the addiction, trying to help their other friends get clean. It doesn’t always go to plan.

4. Dear World:

The title track! Dear World is a groovy jam about finding and saving a place for all of us to be happy. Although, we will probably mess it up again. We’ll find our differences and pick at them. Is the human race doomed to fight eternally? Drawing heavily off of a sci-fi influence, the story tells us about the destruction we cause to each other, as we search for our next home. A place where we can be happy with rock and roll playing all day long. Is that too much to ask?

5. Leaving Fairytales Behind:

This is a bit of Losing My Religion and giving up on a person who just has totally wasted your life. Sometimes you cling onto someone for so long, hoping that things will change for the better, that all will work out. Only to realize that you’ve wasted so much time on them. This is giving up finally. The tune certainly packs a wallop, with some chunky riffs and a bit of punk to let you in on the angst.

6. Overdrive:

There are two things that historically have gone with Rock and Roll. Sex and Drugs. This upbeat, gone-psychedelic song is about both of them. At the same time. The beauty of not being able to feel higher, no matter which side you think these words are about. Sex is like a drug to some, I suppose. The words transform between the two topics and flow with the easiest interchangeability. Is that a word? It is now. 

7. Nothing New:

Nothing New is a war song! “You’re wrong!” “No, you’re wrong!” Who is really wrong? The other side is always the bad guy. So these songs are the words from either side. Doesn’t matter who says them. War is nothing new, whether it’s fighting over land, religion, or just power. Can’t we all just get along? This tune packs a great punch, with some classic feel, and a killer riff during the chorus. 

8. Come:

No, we aren’t pulling a Quiet Riot here and spelling it with a “U”. On the surface, Come sounds like a woman who is never satisfied. But if you listen to this classic rock inspired tune a little harder, you’ll see that she’s not pleased, but she’s pissed, and coming for blood. Take it as you want. A groove filled dirty ditty, or a valuable lesson to all; never piss off a woman. 

9. Lose Control:

This one was called Beach Day before the lyrics were finalized. You may still hear that title as we can’t seem to lose it. Beach Day is an upbeat, fast paced rock tune that aims to remind you to strip your inhibitions every once in a while. We spend so much time worrying about doing our best and doing the right thing. Throw out the rule book every once in a while. Take that chance.

10. When:

This is a laid back, blues shuffle. It’s 6/8 time. Or 3/4 time. I won’t argue about it anymore. Anyway, “When” is about a love failing. One that no matter what, seemed like it was going to last. But someday, you come to the realization that it doesn’t. Don’t limit your mind to a partner type relationship. Sometimes you can love someone, be it a family member or a friend, and all that can fall to waste too. If you every felt alone after someone important leaving you, this is for you.

11. Labyrinth:

What a maze life is. You can put all your effort into something, and it can be totally meaningless. When every turn seems like a dead end. This heavy hitting song gives you a powerful verse that make sure you stay in check and in your place. We open up to the chorus which is a bit more classic rock sounding, to let your hard work shine, as you call out the labyrinth before you. There is always an end.

12. Morning Light:

You ever roll over in bed and have to pull the curtain shut to avoid that big burning ball of fire in the sky? Yeah, me too. Morning Light is the sun waking you up after going out and doing what you love every night. For us, it’s playing for our friends and family. For rocking out as hard as possible, and enjoying the rest of the night with the people we love the most. Then waking up and breathing in the day, laughing over the memories, and maybe writing a new song.

13. Glory:

This laid back, rock tune is about someone doing it all themselves. Working through the trials of everyday life and making it happen. You never know what each day is going to bring you, so give it your all. Of course, stuff happens and you’ll get slowed down, but if you keep your heart in it, and believe in yourself, you have no where else to go but up!

14. End of Time:

Sometimes you’ve got no choice but to throw it all off your plate and just do what you need to do to get something done. End of Time is a fast, blistering tune that tears through the ideas of just burning the bridge and ride out in the blaze of fire. When there are no other options, you push it to the extreme and take the reins.

15. Home:

A bit of a call back to our song Crawl on the EP. The journey of crawling your way back home doesn’t have to be a broken trip. With the help of a friend, or just a thought to carry you, you can make it to where your heart can heal. Another laid-back jam leaves you feeling that it’s okay to look at the scars you’ve received along the way. Those have healed and you are well on your way to finding your home.

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