Track By Tracks: EVA X - Electrowoman (2019)

1. Black Blood:

This one’s my nod to aggrotech and EBM. I wanted it to have a faster, more aggressive feel than the tracks I had been working on previously, while still keeping the very clean vocals that I’m known for. Production-wise, it was a huge challenge to arrive at the final mix. I didn’t do a lot of harmonies and effects on the vocals, so it’s pretty much one vocal the whole way through. To me, the final track is very raw in comparison with the rest of the EP- I think in many ways it’s a good contrast to have.

2. Subsume:

This is the most personal song on the record for me. I’m pretty sure I wrote it after a call with my grandmother. I have some very traditional people in my extended family, so the expectation to find a partner and have kids of my own was a real part of dealing with them for a long time. Subsume is sort of a meditation on that expectation and how it didn’t really fit with my own career and artistic goals.

3. Virtualsexual:

The first version of this song was bad. Really bad. So bad it almost got scrapped. I liked the core ideas, though, so when I challenged myself to write a song that didn’t have a traditional verse- chorus-verse-chorus structure, I cribbed the initial lyrics and repurposed them here. A lot of the structural ideas here were inspired by more synth-forward artists like Mr. Kitty.

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