Track By Tracks: Event Relentless - Circle (2019)

1. Stay Away:

Stay Away is a pretty fast tempo track with aggressiveness in it. It’s about that you want some person to get out from your life and get out from your sight.

2. Pleasure & Pain:

Pleasure & Pain is about choosing directions in your life. And that there is no one to tell you what you’re supposed to be or do, it’s something everybody has to figure out on their own.

3. Falling:

Falling is a breakup song. It’s about feelings what person goes through after breakup, loneliness and pain. 

4. Razor Queen:

Razor Queen is about self-destruction and about the feelings how hard it might be to find a path or purpose in life, especially for a young persons. So feeling lost because of that, and that leading to self-destructive behaviour.

5. Worthless:

Worthless is pretty much same topic as Stay Away, you feel that some person is completely toxic and worthless, and only thing he/she does is harm. Absolutely banger in live, I remember Lari throw his guitar off at one point in a show in Serbia, and went on to moshpit to the crowd when we were playing this.

6. Scream:

Fastest track on the album. Joonas added some cool blastbeats in it which fits the song well. It’s about like a scream in the night, you have a voice but no one hears you. And you feel cold and lost.

7. Circle:

I wrote this song when I was 18 years old. It’s different style of song than the other ones which were written later. It’s about being surprised where life can take you, like you never know. Lots of this album lyrical topics are about life in general and what comes to it, like relationships, finding your path and so on. On the artwork of the album there is two paths, one with winter and snow, and other one with summer and light. It’s like every decision you make in your life leads forward on your path, whether it’s the path that is dark and snowy, or the path where it’s summer and light.

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