Track By Tracks: Quella - Donor Fatigue (2019) - Breathing The Core


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miércoles, 20 de noviembre de 2019

Track By Tracks: Quella - Donor Fatigue (2019)

1. Crown of flies:

“Once in a lifetime you fly and fall this way “

If you had but a single day to live life like a common housefly, would you have time for the melodrama that passes for true love? A progressive and meaty blend of aggression, groove and psychedelia finely sliced and baked together with a large serving of melodic chorus and zombie Kylie’s

2. Smalltown Eiderdown:

“This field of dreams ,is not what it seems, Lying fallow at the feet of wind machines”

Quella spent some time in that place called the Countryside. An industrial slab of country music full of more bounce than a combine harvester down a Devonshire lane

3. Loyal to the Lie:

“I do your dirty work right up in your face A tour of duty in a waste of space” 

When does a sense of duty feel like a betrayal?

A slightly disjointed straight up rock and roll song with that added punky pogo! A more poignant number influenced by the memoirs of a great man.

4. Them Apples:

‘“If it were up to me I would cut down that tree Its roots are shackles “

A song as feisty as the family life it describes, a brooding start gives way to breakneck punk and thrash riffs before a crescendo wave slab of harmonised retribution cleanses the palate.”

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