Behind The Artworks: Back From Nothing - Someone Say Something (2019)

The album cover for “Someone Say Something” is our very own pet Seahorse, before she passed away. We started writing this album while we were preparing the salt water tank for said seahorse. In the short span of her lively 3 months, we recorded this album. Apparently, seahorses are one of the most delicate creatures of the sea, and are extremely difficult to take care of. With that being said, we still tried our absolute best to give her a home against all odds. No one believed that we would be capable of acquiring a such a fascinating specimen..let alone taking care of one. Although it was only for a quick 3 months, it was well worth it and she seemed happy. To be honest, they are truly beautiful creatures. The deeper meaning behind the picture is that you have to be content with the fact that even if you try your hardest, sometimes you will not receive the result you intended for, but it still matters that you tried your best. Unfortunately, our seahorse did not live very long, but her legend will live on forever through this album.

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