Behind The Artworks: SHARONE - Reflection (2019)

This album is about self-reflecting, growing as an individual, recognizing the flaws in yourself and working through them. I wanted the album artwork to represent that as closely as possible. I scrolled the internet looking for aesthetic inspiration, and once I found a couple images that represented the mood I was going for, I sent them to my friend Hannah Maddox, who designed the artwork, and told her I wanted the image to show a girl looking in a mirror, see the back of her head, and the reflection of her face, with her eyes being blacked out, maybe even drooping. Something spooky. The idea was to not see her face outside of the mirror, just the back of her head, representing that she is looking in the mirror and seeing the flaws in herself. Hannah executed this perfectly, and added the perfect finishing touch with the vase of roses sitting on the table in front of the mirror, representing a new beginning and a splash of color in the grey.

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