Behind The Tracks: Silverlight Shadows - Black The World (2019)

I'm not saying what Black the World is about lyrically, people can make what they like out of it. What I can say about it is I had only written lyrics for the verse at one point so I said to my six year old son Jasper "what should I call this song". Straight away without pausing he said to me "Black the whole entire world". I said wow dude that's pretty good and those words happened to fit perfectly with the riff I had for the chorus. So from there the song was called Black the World. We're quite happy with how it turned out It’s fast, straight to the point and catchy all at once. This track will be released digitally on January 10th 2020 and will also be available on a 7' inch vinyl split with our mates Monarchus. The launch show for this is on January 18th at Last Chance Rock n Roll bar in Melbourne Australia.

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