Band Biographies: LOWBORN

Rarely in 2019 does a band create music different enough to take notice, yet Greensboro’s new talent LOWBORN compose a distinct sound that reverberates in each song. With a stone foundation in alternative rock, synth-driven pop beats deliver lyrics that rival emo bands of days gone by.

LOWBORN presents four talented musicians, all from Greensboro, North Carolina. Wes Lauterbach’s raw and powerful vocals are complemented perfectly by Zane Frye’s guitar and strong synth and William Clayton’s lead guitar and harmonious backup vocals, all held tight by Cody Bishoff’s consistent drum rhythms. LOWBORN’s continued success is no coincidence, as the four skilled musicians constantly immerse themselves in artist development. The band champions the music industry as movers and shakers, with Lauterbach and Frye producing and developing new artists in their jointly owned studio (The Stu) while bringing standpoints on success to social media, while Clayton and Bishoff provide graphic design and branding services.

In a relatively short time, LOWBORN has garnered tens of thousands of monthly Spotify listeners and hundreds of thousands of streams from various playlists and users. Constantly on the move with an impressive, polished live show, LOWBORN has been named a “band to watch” from media outlets nationwide. Don’t look away, or LOWBORN will soar past you before you know it.

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