Track By Tracks: Black Palle - Black Palle (2019)

1. Death comes to all:

I put this as an opening song because it immediately reflects what this is all about. Simple enough, the traditional metal riff carries the song forward. The riff has a Judas Priest vibe. At the end of the song, versatile section where`s bit Iron Maiden :) When Riff came up, I immediately felt this would work. And I think it works and is a pretty good song.

2. Rush to the grave:

Jonathan Mazzeo (album engineer/mixer) wanted to bring this song to the beginning of the album. So it became song number 2. Mega simple song and pretty catchy riff and chorus screams work well. A simple riff is often the best. I don't remember where it came from, but thanks for it. Very often you don't come up with good simple riffs. Those will be received with gratitude. Part C is rising with style and well. The last verse had to change a bit and slow down. It ́s changes a bit better. Now there`s not too much repetition. Our first official video song.

3. Nuclear Holocaust:

Something slower next. Dark song. I was trying to get some beauty to it. Simple harmonies have a nice hook. K. T. drum-like Vinny Appice and the Black Sabbath spirit is there anyway. I think a short guitar solo part is great and maybe the highlight of the song.

4. Curse of deadly lake:

A small punk rock piece with metal attitude. The cute riff is okay. The song has a devilish vibe except the chorus bends radically to almost pop. However, I let it go this time. It sometimes feels tempting, but you have to stay firm! ;) Pretty cool anyway... 

5. And you know the rest:

Our performance of the classic mid-tempo thrash metal song. One of my own favorites. A catchy simple riff and chorus. Good yelling along! A little break in section D is in place. I like!

6. Gambling with the devil:

Another older track on the album. (the other one is Devil`s band) Black Palle goes Progressive... Well here's everything and a lot. Long song for us. Almost a bit too long... The basic riff is strong. It's always easy to build around it. Now I built a bit more... Good harmonies and despite the length of a good package. The nice song playing live.

7. Long way to go:

A little different song. I think. But a welcome variation on the Black Pale repertoire. I tried to keep it simple and it almost stayed that way. Cool but weird.

8. Heavy metal from hell:

Pretty heavy riff and another too. Good live song. Groove catches. The main guitar harmony in the tune is simple and enough catchy. I think... The guitar solo is cool. The lyrics works!

9. Already gone:

A bit faster song. Basic rock riff. The whole song is quite rock, anyway. The guitar solo is going somewhere else... in east... There is nothing else to say about this. Rock n`Roll! 10. Stand as a king Strong riff. The one of first so-called ”new riff” that came just before the whole Black Palle. Maybe even the first one. Part C goes very concisely. Really simple. Nice little metal song.

11. Devil`s Band:

The old song had to be brought along. One of the best chorus on the album. Even the best. There is nice harmony in guitars too. Good one!

12. Time to die:

The last song. I didn't know where to put it, so be the last one. Not maybe my number one favorite. But... It has good moments... Time to die! Well okay...? 


Something about the lyrics of the album. Words come to me last. I myself have not listened to words in music too much. In general. When I was younger, I didn't understand anything about those. I did not understand English. Still, the music appealed to me. Strongly! It didn't matter to me what Paul Stanley or Joey Belladonna sang. The key was the rhythm, the melodies, and the whole feeling.

I do not analyze our lyrics. They are pretty clear and everyone can imagine what lyrics want to say.

First I made lyrics to all the songs. For some of those, Palle Wishbone changed a few lines and words. One or even two lyrics of the song he changed completely. He had a lot better and more appropriate lyrics to those a couple of songs. What I did was not good enough...;) Those lyrics were said to be too soft..: D Yeah, they probably were!

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