Track By Tracks: Lonescar - Lust For The End (2019)

Brian: Thematically, Lust for the End is dark. Initially we planned on a more apocalyptic vision for the album, emphasizing human vices and the end of times. The idea evolved over time, and we’re happy to finally share some more insight into these tracks! 

1. Gluttonous to the Core:

Michael: This song is a Frankenstein's monster of riffs. I just accumulated a few riffs that I noodled around with over the course of writing this record; it was not written as one piece. It starts off with a moody clean intro. It is not necessarily evil or scary sounding, but it gives me the feeling of being content in a dark place. The song then abruptly kicks off with a rager, switching between a frantic riff in 9/4 and a groovy, tribal part. Lot's of tempo changes, melodies, and grooves. Definitely a nice sampler platter of what's to come on this album 

Brian: Gluttonous to the core: As the name suggest, this one is about gluttony of man, and the overconsumption of our resources. The first track off the record, extremely fast, weird rhythm that made me grow on the spot as a songwriter, the original lyrics were way to long and complicated for the timing of the riffs and together we rewrote a catchy, shout along banger! Still gets the original message across and now it’s a great thrasher. Can’t wait to play this one live!

2. Undead Assembly:

Michael: I tried to craft Undead Assembly around the lyrical content of a heavily-medicated and depressed society, so I wanted it to hit the listener like a fistful of Xanax. It's sludgy while maintaining some sort of melody. It's like a numbing bliss as opposed to being barred-out a trap house. 

Brian: Undead assembly: definitely one of my favorite songs on the record, I was in a dark place when I wrote this, and had a dream where I basically lived the plot of the movie” requiem for a dream” saw myself addicted to my vices, family/loved ones hating me, and that dream just stuck with me for a really long time. while it was a warning sign for events that would happen months after I finished the song, I didn’t heed its warning, and because of that, I’m still in the process of learning from it. I still love this song and believe its own monster entirely. Since I don’t mind playing it, because I feel like lessons should be learned from, and shared to hopefully be able to help someone out, I know this one is gonna be in the setlist for a while!

3. Means to an End:

Michael: This is probably the first song that was intentionally written for the album. I am not too keen on focused writing sessions, but Mike had the band over at his apartment to jumpstart some song ideas. I was kind of put on the spot, and this is what came out of my fingers. I'd say 80% of the song was written in that one sitting, and I naturally leaned on my innate thrash influences for this one. 

Brian: Means to an end: one of the oldest songs on the record, this one has already been in the setlist for a while, still a great song, lyrical content is very dark and a message I don’t like to spread around, but that’s just what came out when I first heard the song, I dont fight inspiration and I feel like a great song came out of it. These things do happen when its easily preventable, there are people out there every day that will more the happily lend a hand or just listen to others (myself included). I know somedays can seem bleak but don’t give up the good fight, friends. This life is beautiful and can change in an instant, never forget that.

4. Life is Suffering:

Michael: Life is Suffering is just a quick and crushing song, and it is definitely the most stripped-down song on the album. I just wanted a heavy song that slams in the gut. So heavy that Mo'Nique would throw a frying pan at it. 

Brian: Life is suffering: probably gonna be my favorite live, just from how groovy and fun it is. The message is simple, life is suffering, it’s the premise and imagery of most organized religion, and while most people like to dwell on that, I like to think it’s the reason we’re here, suffering is feeling, its an experience, its only temporary, just like life, so might as well enjoy what you’re passionate about while you can, right?

6. Self-Led:

Michael: This song had no business being such a long song (for our standards) with so many parts, but here it is! The band stewed in this song for so long because we were always unsatisfied with how it was coming out. But we finally got it to where we want it to be. It is a pretty fun song to listen to because there are a lots of parts and textures to keep you interested... Hopefully. 

Brian: Self-led: also one of the oldest songs on the record, the sin is greed. this song is a poetic expression of what I feel America’s society is a lot of the times, obviously there’s still good in the bad, I had a fun time writing this, and there’s so much going on in this song that I feel we got one hell of heavy metal anthem here. Have I mentioned how good that guitar solo is?

5. Revolution Now:

Michael: Fun Fact - This song was originally an old Lonescar song called "The Way it Was", which was a very melodic and emotional metalcore song. It was then dragged through a pile of shattered beer bottles and it became a thrashing rager. I have a shit ton of fun playing this song live.

Brian: Revolution now: lyrics written during the M.C.T.B writing sessions, this song is about wrath. Still on the same high that chignon had, I wrote a lonescar call to arms per say. Ego on 100 when I wrote it, it’s supposed to be funny and cheesy, we’ve been through a lot as a band lol, and i finally feel we’re in a place where we can reflect on what has happened, learn from it, and aim for bigger things! How about those gang vocals huh?

7. With Your Martyr Self:

Michael: When hearing this song, I imagine Max Cavalera crashing through a wall like the Kool-Aid Man shouting "JUMP DA F*** UP!!!". It is one of those songs that make you want to roll out a keg and butt heads with your buddies. Our southern grit peeks through in this one. 

Brian: With your martyr self: sloth is the sin that this song is about, it’s a story about one of my best friends and how he was failing himself and allowing his demons consume him. I’m glad to say he likes the song, we are still great friends, and he is doing a lot better for himself.

8. For Envy's Sake:

Michael: Gotta give credit to JC for this one. He sent me like a 10 second video of himself playing the drums, and he told me to make a riff over that. It has a good mixture of all of our influences. It has everything from death metal tremolo picking, thrash riffage, rumbling grooves, and a solo that takes you through a dust storm in the Middle East.

Brian: For envy’s sake: as the title implies the sin in this is envy. I even write in the song that I shouldn’t be doing this, but like I said I don’t stop inspiration. The song is about a couple of people (who will not be named due to me already giving them more than their 5 mins already) that like to hide behind their screens and how I had to write them off to clear my mind. And so I did. now off to better things

9. Images From Mauthausen:

Michael: I believe this is our most extreme-sounding track on this record. If Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel had a quick fling, this would be the spawn. It is chock-full of blastbeats and blazing riffs. This song is definitely a reminder that we are full of piss and vinegar, and we want to express how frustrated we are with current and past events. 

Brian: Images from Mauthausen: some of the best lyrics I’ve ever written, it’s a gruesome story about some of the worst years in human history, and how, unfortunately, present day is looking very similar to that. Imprisonment Camps, families torn apart, and racial inequalities not only should’ve never existed, it should be a thing of the past, but yet its almost 2020 and here we are still talking about it.

10. All is Vanity:

Michael: It was no coincidence that our producer deemed All is Vanity as "the prettiest song" on this album. It is almost a departure from how the rest of the album sounds like. From the anthemic chorus, to the delicate solo, and the uplifting outro, you get a slight sense of happiness after listening to it- but not all that glitters is gold... 

Brian: All is vanity: “VANITY, definitely my favorite sin” Al Pacino said it best, this song is about our new favorite past time, and how constantly dependent we are a society are to it. Glued to our phones, most of us are letting life pass us by. i got really emotional when I heard this song back after it was done, I couldn’t believe that was us or that I had written all those words, I’m really proud of this one! Such a good song
11. Lust for Her End:

Brian:  Lust for her end: obviously the sin is lust, and how humanity longing for the final days, the end, fin. It’s my take on how we are killing our mother and taking her for granted, this song is a fiery anthem and I cant wait to start playing this live, inspired by the album name , I think this song resonates what the whole album talks about.

Michael: This song was written like a month before we entered the studio. The album was originally going to have 10 songs, but one day after wrapping up a rehearsal, I started to do some mariachi slaps on the guitar. It is a habit of mine, and I usually do it with the D minor chord. Brian just looked at me and told me to keep playing. Eventually, that little mariachi exercise became the intro, and a whole song expanded from that. It was too good of a song to not include it in the record, no matter how last-minute it was.

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