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Behind The Artworks: Deadspawn - Pestilence Reborn (2020)

The art initially started as a continuation idea to our EP “The Source of Chaos” in which a toxic primordial pool of atrocities is on display. Realistically we wanted to show the evolution of those atrocities as they developed into their next stage of existence. This idea quickly started to develop as our artist Sean Wenz (Seanwenztattoos, Crawling Squid Tattoo Studio) started progressing on the Oil painting.

Soon the dialog transformed into countless human sacrifices on display at the shoreline as a warning to whatever would soon be growing and taking its steps onto the lands. Needless to say we dove even deeper into this concept and took a look at it from a different perspective. We wanted to see what was at the center of this pool and we concluded that it was some sort of gateway or vortex.

From this our cover art for Pestilence Reborn was finalized. For the Album we focused on just that, the monstrosities being born from this primal portal. Even though what ended up on the album is only one quarter section of the entire painting. The full painting hits on all the initial ideas we had; I felt that this section was so compelling and representative of the title to the album. It shows the pestilence that was being offered to the word out of this gateway.

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