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Track By Tracks: Sleepwraith - Day Terrors (2020)

1. The Aphelion Complex:

An angry trip to the infirmary with soaring melodies and heavy intricacy. 

2. Transorbital Decay:

A fast and melodic song about coming back from a self-inflicted death. 

3. Anamnesis:

A long journey through the mind of schizophrenia, with ups and downs, and a huge climactic ending.

4. Burial Plot:

A technical allegory of obsession and murder through the eyes of the psychopath.

5. Biomite:

A tight and groovy song about the desire to become numb to emotionality.

6. Sol:

A tale of addiction and hatred, with lots of twists and turns, and a hard-core feel.

7. Carnival Dread:

A sonically, and lyrically heavy song about consumerism and serotonin release, with a dash of waltz. A Demon's Pawn and the

8. Abyss:

A fast-paced, intricate, and poetic tune about the void inside that can never be filled.

9. The Vile, Raptured:

A short, melodic walk-in the dark.

10. The Vile Raptured:

A thrashy tune about recognizing and turning on lies that you were programmed to believe.

11. Dystory:

An aggressive and rhythmic song about finally finding peace with a sorrowful and emotional ending.

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