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Track By Tracks: The Midnight Devils - Something Bigger (2020)

1. Pink Halo:

Pink Halo is the lead off track and 2 nd single from the Something Bigger album. This song is a straight down the middle a glam slam boogie woogie song with it’s major musical influence coming from old Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis songs. We set out to capture the sleazy good-time party rock n roll vibe from early Faster Pussycat. You can definitely hear the foot prints of “Bathroom Wall” all over this oTne. I was stuck on the idea of a pink halo hanging over a girls head. She’s no angel and she still knows how to party. The idea flowed and I brought in a rough chord structure to the band. Chris “Sniper” Hineline added the fantastic guitar parts and Jimmy Mess on the drums gave it that groove drenched swing. This song was just released as our debut music video, directed by Aaron Gum and featuring Omaha, NE stand-up comedian Haley Raven. The idea for the video was to put Haley through a regular rock n roll night but instead of sex and drugs she got glitter and rock n roll.

2. 2 Miles Down:

We thought it was only fitting to have this as the 2 nd song on the album. This song was written before The Midnight Devils were around and released on another album with our former band. We revisited this song because we thought it was strong and deserved another shot at getting it right. Sniper wrote the music for this and I wrote the lyrics. I came up with the lyrics while I was snowed inside this terrible hotel in Omaha. We were sponsored by this hotel and they gave us free rooms on the weekends. It was shady to say the least. I spent a lot of time watching old black and white movies and trying not to go crazy. This is a heavier song and is always the first song we play in our live show. It’s a huge song with a killer guitar riff and massive sing-a-long chorus. It really sets the whole show and album in motion.

3. Bleed Betty:

Bleed This song is one of my favorites, another boogie woogie song that has that gritty Stones-vibe to it. At the time I wrote the lyrics to this song I had been listening to a ton of KIX and wanted to do something that was powerful yet instantly recognizable. We put in hand claps and a big breakdown in the middle which has become kind of our trademark. We put these break downs in the songs because as a three piece it gives me a chance to take off the bass and get the crowd all jacked up. There actually never was a girl named Betty but the song is loosely based off of a girl I knew in a band that was also the lead singer/bass player. We would see her every time we toured through her area and we always got along really well partying and listening to Guns N Roses. This song is another one with a huge chorus and bad ass guitar playing. Jimmy Mess really throws down great Ramones-style drumming that gives it an incredible heartbeat.

4. By My Side:

By My Side is a song written and composed by Sniper. He did the lyrics and the music and asked me to step up and sing it. I love getting the chance to put my spin on songs he does. Sniper and I are big KISS fans so we kind of take the blue print that they set out and use it to our advantage. A band where all the members can sing and write songs is just another weapon in the arsenal. Expect a Jimmy Mess lead vocal on the next album. I remember him bringing in this killer AC/DC riff and thinking let’s do this one exactly by the book. The song clocks in around 3 ½ minutes and we use the first verse as the third verse. Our mindset was to keep it as simple as possible and knock it outta the park. Sniper generally tends to write from a very sexual place and this song has some great tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

5. Generation Durt:

When I was 25 I ended up in the hospital with Pancreatitis from drinking too much. I was partying everyday and thought that’s exactly how a rock n roll band was supposed to operate. The doctors put me in a comma and a week later I woke up not realizing what had happened. I spent 30 days in rehab and during that time I put together the ideas for this song. This was the first song I wrote as a lead singer and songwriter and features another one of our trademark breakdowns in it. There’s a huge crowd participation part that just kills in a live setting. We play this song as the closer every night because it’s really is the grand finale of our shows. Once again I had the song idea and chord structure worked out and Sniper brought in the guitar fireworks and Jimmy Mess’ drumming shifted into high gear. There are a few versions of this song but I am most proud of the way it turned out on this record. It’s glam, it’s punk, it’s rock n roll, and most of all it’s real life. I changed the “I” to a “U” because at the time I was talking to a guy about playing in a band called Durty Rockstars. It never happened but I got a great song out of the deal.

6. Absense of Light:

This song was completely brought in during the demo sessions of this album. Sniper had this unbelievable riff and I knew we could do something really cool with what he was laying down. So I recorded the guitar part on my crappy phone and went back to my basement and started working on lyrics. There needed to be a hook and we eneded up with a monster of a song. It doesn’t sound anything like The Outfield’s “Your Love” but I was listening to that song nonstop trying to grab some inspiration. The lyrics are all based in truth and I think that’s one of the best parts about our songs. We write about the things that happen to us and around us. It’s real just like when you see us walking down the street we aren’t wearing Dockers and Pollos. Off the stage we still look like we play in a kick ass glam rock band. We don’t dress in costumes or put on our personas, we actually live it day in and day out. The good with the bad no matter what. I love the lyrics for this song because they hit so close to home. “Take me to the place where the devil sings” “fly me up to heaven on broken wings”.

7. Midnight Devils:

Every good band has one. A song named after the band. I love this song because it’s the moment in our live set where peoples jaws hit the ground. It starts with this killer double bass intro like Motley Crue’s “Red Hot” then proceeds to just scorch all the way to the end. It’s fast and powerful and of course we put in a crowd sing-a-long bridge after the solo. The lyrics really came as I was riding in the back of a friend’s car on a Friday night. We were headed out to cause some trouble and I wanted to capture that feeling you get when the sun starts to go down and the weekend is kicking off. That feeling of all kinds of adventure and trouble right around the corner is addicting. I’ve come to realize that feeling is the same feeling we get when we are on tour. Everyday becomes some sort of wild adventure as soon as the sun goes down. We turn into animals and maniacs looking for the wildest party we can find. No angel’s here for sure.

8. No More:

Here for your listening pleasure is the guitar player’s guitar song. This is another one written and composed by Sniper and brought in during the recording sessions for Something Bigger. He had these massive riffs and decided to throw in not one but two guitar solos. Sniper is a massive Eddie Van Halen student and the musical leader of this band. He is the guy that drives the ship through the choppy waters and is money every night of the week. He never has off nights and this song is his opportunity to let it show. Jimmy and I both have great respect for Sniper because without him we’d definitely be lost in the woods. He’s the shine on those meat and potatoes. No More is a great rock n roll song that delivers huge in the guitar department. Recommended if you like EVH, Steve Vai, Gary Moore, and Goerge Lynch.

9. Baptized By The Radio:

Here’s the one of the strongest songs on the record. I had come up with this idea of a Southern Baptist Minister singing rock n roll music. Not an original idea but I liked the concept and the song came to embody that feeling. The lyrics for this song came about from a story I had written about growing up in a small town in Nebraska. It’s about Rock N Roll being the only thing to save me and get me out of my town. It’s also about the magic that is old school classic rock radio. I still listen to the FM stations and think there is something very cool about DJ’s serving up great songs when you need the most. Radio wasn’t as big of a deal to my generation but there’s still something that really draws me in and when your song comes on you crank the hell out of it. Sniper hated the chord structure to this song but I pleaded my case and it turned out to be one of our signature live songs. It’s huge and of course there is an incredible break down in the middle where the crowd goes absolutely wild.

10. Memphis Mile:

In our live set this is the very middle song where we turn the tide of the entire party in our favor. Memphis Mile was a song we took from our previous band but reworked it and put some fire down below. It’s another boogie woogie song that completely rips of classic rockabilly. “Welllllll”. That’s the first word and I did that on purpose. The lyrics came to me late at night in a basement and just flowed. The idea was done and the lyrics were written in just about an hour. That’s always how the best songs come about. I brought the idea in to Sniper and he really brought the whole thing to life. This is another signature song that we play every night and get’s people’s asses moving and grooving. Live on stage, I will take my bass and microphone out into the crowd and find the most ridiculous spot in the venue to sing this song from. I will sing this song standing on chairs, surfing the bar, hanging from the ceiling, it doesn’t matter. We came to party and you are damn well sure I’m going to go out into the audience and make sure everyone is bringing it %100. Memphis Mile is absolutely one of the funnest songs to play and has that million dollar sing-a-long chorus that hooks you in.

11. Something Bigger:

We strategically put this song last not only because it’s the title song off the record but because it’s strong as hell. It’s kind of a departure from our boogie woogie stuff but definitely has that Danzig vibe to it. The lyrics for this came to me right when I was let go from my job as a DJ at a radio station. I loved the job and was devastated after the terminated me. I was pissed at my boss because he didn’t know Rock N Roll, he was only in it for the money not the music. I left the station saying to myself there has to be “Something Bigger”. It also works great as a ridiculous sexual innuendo so I thought it was perfect. Right about that time I was having some relationship trouble and I thought again to myself there has to be a reason for this there has to be “Something Bigger”. It’s an empowering song about the constant uphill struggle that comes along with following your dreams. Everyone is always looking for “Something Bigger”. I came up with the basic riff idea but Sniper made it into a monster and Jimmy Mess delivered these thunderous Eric Carr/Creatures of the Night Era drums. It’s a banger for sure.

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