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Behind The Artworks: Tzimani - Tzimani (2020)

The artwork encompasses everything Tzimani wanted to express from the get-go from its first, eponymous release. Our longtime artist, Ryan Bartlett (Los Angeles) had done an exceptional job curating a theme of duality, using our logo and symbol to create the two-faced, raw, and skeletal imagine representing exactly what we are and who we are as a band. Bartlett has done a ton of cool stuff for LA and regional bands, like Solar Haze, Sixes, Void Vator, and we wanted him to tap into his imagination and bring our themes to life. Themes of brotherhood, the number two, respect to native Mexican culture, and a combination of two people forming into one. He did a killer job with it and we stoked that he was able to produce our first release and allow for his creativity to flesh out what we wanted to go with.

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